Synapse Construction provides best-in-class siding restoration and replacement services, window installation, and expert design and planning for residential construction projects in the Seattle area. From homes to apartment complexes to entire condominiums, Synapse believes the best results come from years of dedication and an understanding that the wishes of the homeowner must always come first.

Because of the unique and harsh weather conditions of the Pacific Northwest, protecting your home’s critical elements from the destructive forces of nature is of monumental importance. New siding and windows improve a home’s energy efficiency, R-value, and curb appeal, but best of all is the comfort and security that comes with knowing your home is protected into the future.

If you’re considering a cost-saving alternative to wooden slats, brick, or painting your old siding, modern vinyl home siding could be the energy-efficient solution you’ve been looking for. For more information on each service, click the categories below or contact Synapse Construction today.

Bellevue Apartments - Windows & Doors Replacement


Synapse Construction specializes in siding installation and design for homeowners in the Seattle area – no matter their budget or intended material. We can help walk you through the selection process and make recommendations based on your home’s style, design, and geographic location.



Replacing old or inefficient windows is the best way to improve energy efficiency and potential ROI on the resale market. With revolutionary new triple-pane Energy Star windows, you can save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills each year.



As a general contractor, Synapse Construction can help oversee and guide the overall remodel, construction, or home improvement process from start to finish. From design to completion, Synapse Construction can help you choose materials to best suit your home and needs, oversee installation and labor, and provide insight into the permitting process to ensure your project goes smoothly and without hassle.

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