Residential Service

Architecture and Design

At Synapse Construction, we know the impact new windows and siding can have on the overall visual appeal of a home. We’re also aware that in considering new siding or windows, beginning with a comprehensive exterior design can help guide your decision-making process and streamline the construction to follow. If you’re considering replacing your existing siding or upgrading to new siding from wood or brick, it’s important to begin with a careful design process to ensure the project goes as planned.

Each design project we take on is comprehensive and easy to interpret. We begin with an extensive review process of your existing structure and design elements, consult with you about your needs and desires related to the project, and begin developing a three-dimensional model of the concept. From there, we’ll refine based on your feedback until we reach the intended blueprint to move forward with construction.

Because we understand the nature of the construction world, we’re always striving to improve our designs and product offerings for our siding and window customers. We are not beholden to any single manufacturer, providing us complete freedom and flexibility that translates into more creative and unique finished products for our customers.

Your Home, Your Style

We know the importance of maintaining or establishing a new visual profile for your home. Synapse Construction offers smart solutions to every exterior design or remodel project in order to perfectly compliment your home’s existing aesthetic or reworking it from the ground up.