3 Must-Have Tools for Summer Yard Work

Summer is here! That means more time spent outside, warmer weather, and longer days. You’ve spent all year toughing out the weather, and now is time to celebrate. Whether you’re hoping to give your garden a facelift, build a new deck, or make your summer resolution keeping your weeds in check, here are a few must-have tools this summer.

A Strong Pair of Gloves

A good pair of summer gloves is crucial for yard work of all kinds. Whether you’re out in the garden, building in the yard, or doing any other kind of work around the house, a few multifunctional pairs we’d recommend include:

  • These colorful garden gloves for only $6
  • These top notch maximum dexterity gloves for $14
  • These extreme heat grilling gloves to protect your hands when working at the grill

A Great Weed Whacker

Weeds can easily get out of control during the summer, and they can be hard to tame. Having a good weed wacker is an easy way to make sure keeping your yard in check stays a priority. Some of our picks include:

  • This flexible Greenworks weed whacker, available in three sizes for maximum flexibility.
  • This battery run trimmer that will eliminate tripping over long extension cords
  • This lightweight, easy to assemble trimmer for all basic backyard needs

A Sturdy and Flexible Hose

Whether you have kids coming home from summer camp, thirsty plants, dirty cars, sandy feet, or all of the above, having a good hose is crucial for every backyard. Some great ones we’d recommend for household needs include:

Featured image courtesy of Pexels.com.

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