Synapse 3D Exterior Design Process

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Synapse Construction’s 3D design services take the guesswork out of translating your vision to reality.  At Synapse we want what you’re picturing in your head to ultimately be what we build for you and get it done without stalls due to misunderstandings along the way.
There’s nothing to lose with our 3D exterior design service.  If you use Synapse for construction or not you’ll have the design you’ve been thinking about down on paper and the ability to clearly set your expectations with any contractor.  If you do have Synapse do the work you’ll get 50% of your design fee refunded back to you further extending the value of our award-winning design service.


3D Exterior Design Steps

Step 1. – As-Built 3D Model

3D modeling for exterior designA Synapse designer will site measure and build a 3D model of your home in sketchup.  A .skp and .pdf elevation drawings will be transmitted to you.  A free version of sketchup is available if you want to view your model in 3D but don’t worry you don’t have to be a “computer person” for this system to work for you.  You can also simply print out or view on screen the pdf images.

Step 2. – Your Design Ideas

exterior design scrap book ideasThis is where your vision starts taking shape.  We want your ideas and you can convey them in any way that is easiest and most efficient for you.  For lo-tech design intent sharing we encourage printing the PDFs and pasting magazine clippings or pictures, or any other similar, physical visual sharing technique.  If you are more tech-inclined, annotating the pictures or sharing digital scrapbooks works great too. We can also meet and review ideas together for this initial step.  Accomplishing this all still possible while observing proper safety for Covid 19, via video chats that can be almost as interactive as meeting in person.

Step 3 – First Design Submittal

Exterior design options This is the step where things start to take shape.  We take the ideas and design intent conveyed in Step 2 and apply them to our 3D model.  At this point, we typically provide some alternate choices we think might enhance the design or provide increased performance for your building.  We send the electronic files back to you just as in Step 1.  We’ll then give you time to explore and marinate on the design for however long you need.  You might want to share it with friends or family, get opinions from neighbors or may even get feedback from your HOA.  When you are ready, we will have another virtual meeting to discuss different changes or tweaks to the design.  Maybe you have an “I didn’t know it would look like that” reaction, and decide you want to move in a completely different direction.  That’s okay and that’s why we’re doing this in the first place!  From this point, we will take all the tweaks and new ideas back to our design lab for further development.

Step 4 – Final Design Review

With the revisions and options requested in Step 3, we are typically looking at the final design at this point.  If there have been multiple schemes modeled this is the step where we select the final scheme, and discuss last minor adjustments.

Step 5 – Construction Drawings

At this point your new exterior design is complete.  The final step in the design process is to create construction drawings.  Our construction drawings are pdf images of your design with all materials and scope of work labeled.  These drawings can be used to get pricing from contractors, vendors etc.  Now you’re ready to build it!

“We had the pleasure of using Synapse Construction for all new siding, and replacing windows and sliding glass doors. They sincerely care about their work and doing the best job possible, every time. They are an incredible group of true professionals that take pride in their craft, and I couldn't be happier with the results.”

Cole L.
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“We have received exceptional service and results from Synapse, and have actually used them multiple times. Synapse consistently shows great value and high quality work. There is real project management and continual communication, so we felt clear at every step what was happening. Everything is well documented and they hire quality people. ”

- Dan M.

“I was given the name of Synapse Construction, with a very positive recommendation, from our neighbor’s contractor. Each individual was a pleasure to talk to and work with and the work done was exceptional. I highly recommend Synapse Construction and will definitely hire them, as needed, in the future.”

- Sue M.

“They are knowledgeable, dependable, honest, and effectively communicated throughout the project. They helped guide the project through appropriate detailing and technical challenges while finely crafting a crisp and refined building enclosure. Without hesitation I have the highest recommendation for Synapse Construction.”

- D. Rusler

“Synapse were the only folks we found able to provide the level of quality and specialized expertise necessary for a fairly complicated project. The Synapse team completed the job in a manner that was both professional and efficient. From start to finish, I was impressed with their level of organization. I would strongly recommend Synapse Construction for any exterior or siding project.”

- Samuel R.

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent work Synapse did for my home. The finished product exceeded my expectations. The constant professionalism, attention to detail, overall thoroughness, and willingness to accommodate unusual issues, on the fly, was a sigh of relief. Many companies would have ignored what Synapse proudly and willfully faced head on, and accomplished. I look forward to working with them on the next project! ”

- Ben D.
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