Nils Finne

Experience working with Synapse

Stevens, Seattle

New Corrugated Metal and Trespa Siding

Synapse did an amazing job with the design and installation of the siding and window replacements in our home. Kyle had great recommendations on the siding choices (types we wouldn't have even thought of) but turned out to be great options. The crew was awesome to work with and did high-quality work all the way. The duration of the project was quite a bit longer than we anticipated but the results were worth it - we highly recommend Synapse!

Victor and Eileen – United States

Rainscreen fiber cement panel siding project – Broadview, Seattle

We are pleased to recommend Kyle Keever of Synapse Construction for the following reasons. We were searching for a contractor who would do a good job installing James Hardie fiber cement panels using a rain screen methodology. Synapse Construction’s work stood out as the best quality by far. Kyle gave us a thorough critique of what needed to be done to salvage our project after a general contractor had done a poor job of installing some of our siding and flashing. Kyle helped us tremendously through a difficult situation. We greatly appreciated the way he communicated with us as well as his thoroughness regarding all aspects of the project. His crew was also highly skilled and professional. The exterior of our house now looks like we had dreamed and planned for – thanks to Kyle and his crew!

Gordon Hedeen – Seattle – United States

Hadeen Apartments

I have dealt with a number of contractors and subcontractors; Synapse has proven to be among the best! Kyle Keever (company president) thoroughly explained the job, provided a detailed bid, and personally oversaw the project from beginning to end. During this process he offered design consultation, exhibited a great knowledge of the siding product I had chosen, and suggested cost savings options for my consideration. Synapse workers were always punctual (not a given in the building trades) and the quality of the work was masterful. I could not be more pleased: completed as bid on a difficult site, workmanship outstanding, and great people with which to work.

Karl Schmidt, AIA – United States

Open joint rainscreen cedar siding and window replacement project – Broadview, Seattle

As an architect I am always searching for contractors that perform work to the highest standards, don’t take short cuts, and take ownership of their work. I recently worked with Synapse Construction LLC to install new windows and siding on a remodeling project in North Seattle As with most remodeling projects you often run into “unforeseen conditions” the will require changes on the fly. Kyle Keever, owner of Synapse Construction LLC was quick to identify those issues and bring them to my attention so we could both work through an acceptable solution rather than cover them up for the sake of expediency. The siding was a “rain-screen” style installation that is becoming more common, but is relatively unknown to many contractors in the United States. Based on experience, Synapes Construction was quite familiar with the best practices of installing rain-screen siding and therefore I was confidant they would complete the project to the highest standards in the industry. The Synapse “team” consists of some very talented craftsman that take take pride in their work. From start to finish they were courteous, meticulous, and eager to do a good job. Kyle managed the project himself and made frequent visits to the site. He really took ownership of the project which is harder to find these days in the construction industry. I appreciated his desire to collaborate with me on detailing and making sure that the finishing touches were executed precisely. I would definitely recommend Synapse Construction LLC if you are considering replacing windows and or siding for your home. If they can satisfy a discriminating architect, you will be more than happy with the end product on your home.

John Schlosser – Seattle – United States

Capitol Hill Cedar Shingle Siding Replacement

In 2011 Kyle and Team re-sided our 1905-vintage Capitol Hill house with red cedar sawn shingles, including window re-trimming and soffit rehabilitation. This was the best contractor experience we have, in the 35 years we’ve owned this house. Kyle Keever, company principal, is a true professional. – Vitaly, who did nearly all the work, was easy to work with and paid good attention to quality. – Kyle came up with good new solution to soffit venting; one that we had not considered previously. – We appreciated the attention to daily clean-up and care taken to avoid inconveniencing neighbors. – Overall, they did a good job listening and communicating in general. Just the right amount of “asking questions” vs. “going ahead and making decisions based on their best judgement”. – And, they honored their price, even when things took longer than expected.

Francis Smith – Seattle – United States

Francis Smith Residence

My experience with Synapse Construction with our recent residing project on 2 levels of my contemporary modern home was stellar. I was first drawn to their work shown on their website, dealing with Hardie Panels. Kyle was able to quickly meet up with me to hash out a general sense of the project. Panel details, schedule, costs, workers, access. He provided me some aesthetic suggestions upon my request for panel setups and colors. He was also able to match the metal type already on my home effortlessly to close the joints between the panels, which really allowed the residing to blend in beautifully with my home. The actual panel installation water barriers were carefully performed by Konstantine. I often go out to admire the quality and level of detail done during and after the project as well as the choice in Hardie Panels. Throughout the project, Kyle gave me updates of potential issues, schedule conflicts, and simple status updates. I was also taken aback at how quickly he responded to my emails, usually within 2 hours, and rarely longer than 12. When the project would hit a decision point, Kyle was quick to contact me, often in person, to discuss any changes to the original plan I should consider. He always provided me options when faced with his own concerns (like our existing lack of waterproofing) and an informal risk analysis, along with anticipated additional costs for me to consider. He also was timely in furnishing me receipts for his work so I was able to keep track of my spending throughout the project. It is such a pleasure to walk along the outside of my home to admire all the work done by Kyle and his team and I hope to have them do some more work on my home when the time comes.

Carole & Cristine – United States

Carole & Cristine Residence

Synapse is so client focused – I really felt like they listened and provided a solid experience. We have used them for multiple projects and each time, they have delivered a nice result. Highly recommend them!

Benjamin – United States


I just wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent work Synapse did for my siding, window, & waterproof envelope project in Seattle by posting a glowing review. The finished product exceeded my expectations for an attractive looking property. Their crews were a pleasure to work with, through adverse and, frankly, obnoxious conditions. The constant professionalism, attention to detail, overall thoroughness, and willingness to accommodate unusual issues, on the fly, was a sigh of relief. Many companies would have ignored what Synapse proudly and willfully faced head on, and accomplished. I look forward to working with them on the next project!

Colin Parker – United States

Trimpe/Parker Project

To set the stage: We interviewed multiple contractors to rebuild the whole exterior of our home. This included removing poorly constructed 1980s siding, windows, doors, and a sunroom, and rebuilding the exterior to be both beautiful and extremely weather-proof. My wife is a construction management professional, so we were definitely picky about who we’d work with from the outset.

The moment I knew that I wanted to work with Kyle and Synapse was the day we sat down in our kitchen to talk through how we would keep our house water-tight at every window. This was one of the major inherited problems with the house, and we have a *lot* of windows, so it was extremely important to us. As Kyle talked us through the approach, and hand sketched a complex, custom solution from window assembly, to rain-screen, to house, I knew we were with the right contractor. Add to that some very professional attention to detail, willingness to partner with us in decisions and process, and Kyle’s own written notes from every single meeting, and you ended up feeling really good about Synapse at every step.

Our work with Synapse included:

– Design and 3D modeling
– Hiring a structural engineer
– Handling all permits
– Demolition & clean-up
– Constructing new sun-room with large custom windows, and new roofing
– Purchase and install of all exterior elements (windows, doors, flashing, siding, etc.)
– Exterior electrical and plumbing (as-needed)
– Existing roof repairs

Even before we started our full remodel, Kyle and Synapse were ready & willing to help us with a smaller project of a leaking skylight.

It’s tough for me to say what I appreciated most about working with Kyle and the Synapse team on the design & build of our exterior remodel. But I’ll say this: when friends come to our house now, they ask things like “Can you believe you actually live here?”

Trying to share more of what it was like to work with Synapse over several months into a few paragraphs:

When we had specific questions about the construction process or how we were tracking to schedule, the team had roadmap and plans in place, as well as documentation of what had already been tackled. While our schedule definitely increased over the course of the remodel, Kyle and his team were amazing at making sure that we kept within the budget. That included both helping us to make tradeoffs on the scope, as well as being more efficient with Synapse’s own labor costs. And for that we are *truly* grateful.

When we hit a critical time-crunch on a particular day, and there was no extra labor available for that task, Kyle literally picked up a hammer and dug in with his crew. (He broke the hammer too. Good story.)

When we had off-hours water issues come up with the house while it was under construction, Kyle and Alex were on-scene at the house on very short notice. It didn’t matter if it was a weekend or an early morning.

When we had products from suppliers that were defective in any way (door & window), Kyle owned it immediately, and went to bat for us with those vendors, positively but with our satisfaction front & center in the conversation. You could tell this was a combination of doing business consistently with the right vendors, the right way, but also knowing when to push for your customer.

I’ll end with this. It’s one thing to see pride in your work and quality from a company owner. But over the months since we finished the project with Synapse, we’ve needed to fix the occasional thing as the dust settles. When those things bring Alex (interior foreman), and Ever (exterior foreman) back to our house along with members of the original crew, you can literally see the pride in their work on every single face.

This company designs and builds well, they hire well, and they care about how you get to the end result. We would strongly recommend them.