3 (More) Must-Have Tools This Summer

Summer is getting into full swing. We’re past Memorial Day, the kids are counting down the days left of school (if they’re not out already) and you’ve probably got a few great trips on your calendar. Between trips to the beach and hikes in the mountains, you’re probably also giving your yard some TLC. Here are a few (more) tools to help you make the most of your backyard this summer.

Small Scale Cutting or Pruning Tools

If you have any kind of planting in your yard, odds are it will require some summer maintenance. Whether you’ve got a few pesky weeds or questionable looking tree branches, it’s important to give plants in your yard the attention they need.  A few versatile backyard plant  maintenance tools we recommend include:

  • This multifunctional pair of 8” hardened steel gardening that will cover all of your basic needs for under $11.
  • These titanium and lifetime guaranteed Fiskars pruners
  • These ten inch Power-Lever Grip Ease Hedge Shears

A Good Rake

Rakes are essential for summer and fall yard work alike. For summer mowing and weeding, your process will take a lot more time if you don’t have a good quality rake to clean up clippings and trimmings. Considering trying one of these rakes on for size:

  • This 30 inch Poly Leaf Rake with a large head for maximum surface area and cushioned end grip for easier use
  • This 16-Tine Double Play Bow Rake that’s great for a variety of landscaping uses
  • This True Temper Bow Rake, great for loosening and spreading soil and for under $20

A Decent Shovel

A man is only as good as his shovel. So why not have a great one in your shed this summer? A few of our top picks include:

  • This 48 inch Wood-Handle shovel, for under $25 and available in a package set
  • This durable tempered steel blade with a foot step for added control
  • This round point digging shovel, great for versatile use and only $13

Featured image courtesy of Pexels.com.

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