4 Tool Kits for Your Aspiring Craftsperson

Kids these days are more and more plugged into technology. While it’s always great to know the latest and greatest app, it’s also beneficial for kids to unplug and hone some other skills from time to time. If your child has taken a liking to building projects and you’re looking for some kid friendly tools, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few safe, kid-friendly tools to check out of your aspiring craftsperson.

For The Littlest Kids and Make Believe Projects

If your kids like to work with their hands but aren’t quite old enough for real tools, there are many great kids workbenches out there. This “If I Had A Hammer Workbench” has 41 kid-safe pieces, meant for ages three and up. This set is a great way for kids to learn about tools in a safe and controlled environment.

For Kids Who Want Their Own Tool Belt

If your child wants a tool belt just like the one their parents wear, this is a great gift for them. The Black & Decker Junior 14 Piece Toy Tool Belt Set for ages three and up includes toy hammers, wrenches, protective gear, and of course, a tool belt, all for under $10.

For Craftspeople Who Need Safe Tools For Small Hands

If your child is past the play tool set but still not ready for adult tools, there are some great options out there for kid-friendly tool sets. Some of our picks include:

This Shop Build and Grow 16-piece kit which includes safety gear, hammers, pliers and more, for kids ages seven and up.

This alternative 16-piece kit, also for kids ages seven and up

This Black & Decker Jr. Tool Box including a 14-piece tool set and a tool box to match.

This nine piece tool set with fully functional tool meant for kids over the age of five.

For the Kid Who Needs a Bit More Than The Basic Model

If your child has a basic understanding of tools and you are looking for something a bit more than a basic tool kit, this nine piece tool set might be a good fit. Meant for kids ages 6-13, this multipurpose tool set is a great way to teach kids about safe and functional tool use.

To learn more about top-notch tools, safety tips, and building project, Like us on Facebook to keep up to date! Always remember safety first when it comes to working with tools and children.

Image courtesy of creativecommons.org.

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