5 Buildings Projects to Take on with Your Kids This Summer

School’s out for summer, and that means the kids have a lot more free time on their hands. If you’re passionate about building and craftsmanship, why not get the kids off the iPad and teach them a bit about working with their hands? If you’re looking for some fun, safe, and kid-friendly building projects this summer, here are a few of our recommendations.

For an elegant and simple addition to your home decor

Wooden frames are great for photos, posters, chalkboards, and anything else you can frame. Making a wooden frame of any size is a fun project for kids that doesn’t require too much advanced technique. These can even be made from recycled materials if you have some extra scrap wood! Learn how here.

A functional project for kids who love legos

If your child is a lego lover, this might be the project for them.  With just a few materials needed, lego-esque coat hangers are fun to make and highly functional. With parents help, kids can build these from just a few pieces and finish them off with some bright colored paint.  Learn how here.

To add some flair to your garden

If you family loves to work in the garden, this easy-to-make bee house is another fun and simple project for kids. While they’ll need some help with drilling holes from adults, this type of project will teach kids all about measuring, sanding, and the fundamentals of craftsmanship. Learn how here.

For flying friends in your yard

For those who’d like to attract some local birds to your garden, bird feeders are another fun and easy project for kids. With just a few tools, some bird seed, and scrap wood, these are a great project for the whole family. Kids will learn how to use some basic tools, measure, and enjoy what they made for years to come. Learn how here.

For the advanced craftsperson or aspiring engineer

If your child has some basic skills in woodworking already, they might be looking for a new challenge or long term project. If a catapult sounds like something your kid might like to build (with proper supervision of course) this more advanced project is a great way for kids to put in some quality work, practice their technique, and of course, hone their craft while working with their hands. If you and your kid want to take on this challenge, learn how here.

To learn more about top-notch tools, safety tips, and building project, Like us on Facebook to keep up to date. Happy Summer to you and your family!

Image courtesy of creativecommons.org. 

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