5 Tips for Shopping at Home Depot

If you’re an avid tool user, you’ve probably made more than a few trips to the Home Depot. While everything can’t be on sale everyday, there are several ways to make your shopping experience more efficient, and some great ways to save a few bucks on various products and services. From finding places to rent instead of buy, to making the most of email newsletters and coupons, here are a few tips to make the most of your next trip to Home Depot.

Price match plus a little more

A lot of stores offer a price match deal, a deal where if a competitor offers a cheaper price they’ll match it, but Home Depot takes that a step further. For all in store purchases at Home Depot, if you have record of a competitor offering a cheaper price they’ll give you that price minus an additional ten percent.

Take advantage of rebates

Many people lose out on rebates but you don’t have to be one of them! Keeping an eye out for the wide array of products Home Depot offers that come with a rebate is a great way to save in the long run. Their website has a handy rebate finder where you can peruse their products and choose those that come with the best rebates.

If you don’t need a tool all the time, consider renting

There are many must-have tools for your home, however there are certain  solutions you probably won’t need very often. Home Depot offers everything from drills, to sanders, to bolt cutters and more for rent, rather than for purchase. You can check availability of various tools in your area and reserve equipment at your local Home Depot on their website.

Look for holiday deals

Black Friday deals are highly sought after, but you don’t have to fight through crazy crowds for every deal we have to offer. They have a variety of holiday weekend sales including Father’s Day and Memorial Day, as well as a number of longer term holiday promotions.

Check the Savings Center before you go

Home Depot has an entire Savings Center online devoted to giving you the best deals. For the occasional shopper who is looking for a choice item or those of you frequent patrons out there who would make good use of savings alerts on your phone, it’s worth taking a quick look through the current deals and specials when making your purchase.

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