7 Ways the Design-Build Process Will Save Your Sanity

When it comes to renovating your home, traditional construction delivery, or design-bid-build construction methods, likely comes to mind. This method requires the owner to coordinate with a designer and a building contractor. If something goes wrong during the project, because the two contractors are not on one team, they may be quick to place the blame on the other party leading to delays, extra costs, and in some situations, litigation.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to this process when you’ve decided it’s time to turn your renovation dreams into a reality. Instead of using traditional construction methods, or a design-bid-build approach for your renovation, you can hire one group that combines both the design and construction process into one. This is known as a design-build firm. In this situation, the team designing your new exterior features will also handle the installation of new windows and siding. Here are seven reasons why the design-build method is so valuable to you as a business or homeowner.

1. A Single Contract Means Fewer Surprises for You

With the traditional design-bid-build construction method of project delivery, the project owner would have to find a company, subcontractors, or contractor for each job during the project, as well as handle separate contracts for each job separately. This can be stressful and hard to manage, but can also put a lot of liability on you, the homeowner or business owner, if something goes wrong.

When using a design-builder as your general contractor, you will only have one team you can trust, the design-build company, and only sign one contract. Because both the design and installation phase are in the hands of one firm, there will only be one point of contact that will be responsible for the project costs, quality, and adherence to schedule. Plus, if anything goes wrong, there is only one contractor to be held accountable eliminating the homeowner’s liability.

2. You’ll Love the Cost Savings

When things come as a package deal, the cost is often less, and that holds true for the construction industry as well. With the design-build method, instead of hiring out each job to separate professionals, one design-build team will be at your service. When there is collaboration and knowledge of architects, designers, and contractors all working together, the result is often a lower cost due to their combined insights.

Additionally, with design-build construction services, you will likely be able to establish an estimated cost earlier than with traditional construction methods. Plus, because you are working directly with one team, they will help you stick with your budget by communicating together throughout the entire process. This eliminates silos so they can identify and evaluate alternative methods and materials, recognize issues early on, and suggest changes before your project goes over budget.

3. Faster Project Delivery 

When using the design-bid-build method, there are typically delays due to the need to manage multiple timelines. With the design-build method, the need to coordinate so many different tasks is eliminated, as well as the bidding and redesign phases. This allows the homeowner and project team to ask questions during pre-construction, consider their options, and make decisions without having to take steps backward.

Big decisions and changes can be revisited during the construction process without costly change orders. When an entire team is working together with a collaborative approach, it is easier to figure out the most effective project delivery systems. Design and construction phases can often be overlapped, and the total design and construction timeline often results in a significant reduction in project delivery time.

4. Single Point of Contact for Clearer Communication

The design-build approach is transparent when it comes to communication because owners know what is going on at all times. Through this clear communication and teamwork, the budget is defined early on and expectations are laid out and agreed upon. Closing the gap between design and construction creates a smooth workflow with maximum collaboration. Reducing miscommunication also results in better solutions and less time needed for construction.

In addition, a design-build firm will provide a level of clarity for the delegation of tasks that is often missing in traditional building methods. Instead of the homeowner or business owner being the bridge between the two parties, they work directly with one project leader that is also the singular point of contact and responsibility.

5. Fewer Empty Promises in the Design Phase

Design-build contractors are experts in both design and construction. This means they should have experience in construction, design, pricing, coordination, and how structures come together. There is a huge advantage to working with architects and designers that can think like builders, and builders that can think like architects and designers.

Because of this unique ability and team collaboration, a design-build firm is able to offer a one-of-a-kind commitment that results in high-quality results and fewer empty promises throughout the entire design-build process.

6. A More Collaborative Approach Eliminates Silos in the Construction Process

In design-build project management, the homeowner or business owner will retain complete control over the project and the team will be there collaborating with you. With a traditional construction project, the early hurdle is collaboration between multiple teams, companies and contractors.

For example, a designer may estimate a project one way, but the construction contractor comes to a different conclusion. However, when all team members are under the same roof, they will work collaboratively throughout the entire project, so if a complication comes up, the entire team will be aware and able to work things out.

7. A More Collaborative Approach Eliminates Silos in the Construction Process

Managing multiple bids, contracts, designers, architects, and contractors by yourself is stressful and can be avoided with the help of a design-build firm like Synapse Construction. We can provide a single source for your entire project, whether you are looking at new construction or a renovation project.

Our design-build services can offer peace of mind, cost-effective design, and stress-free, faster, and higher-quality work than any other type of project delivery method. If you want a hassle-free, on-budget, timely project, contact us today to find out more information and decide if design-build construction is the right choice for your remodel.

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