Cedar Siding Rain-Screen in Greenlake Seattle

Seattle cedar siding

Why does cedar siding make everything better?

We recently had a customer contact us with a siding installation request that was different from most.  They have a new (built in the last year) spec home.  Their home’s siding is all James Hardie Panels with break shape metal trims.  Basically it was a box sided with more boxes which wasn’t very interesting to look at.  The new owners wanted to dress up the house and add some architectural interest to the house and make it look less monolithic.  They were interested in warming up the cold looking boxy exterior and make the house look more inviting and they liked the looks of the open joint cedar siding they had seen on our website.  To make a short story long we installed 1×4 pre-finished combed tight knot cedar  siding on battens over the existing siding and the results really transformed the exterior of the house.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.  Seattle cedar siding

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