Don’t Overlook These Springtime Clean-Ups and Repairs!

When Springtime rolls around, many people break out the broom and dust plan and give their home a once over. Some people take to the vacuum, others to the sponge, and others still to those piles of hand-wash clothing that have been sitting at the bottom of the hamper for months. While topical cleaning is great to keep your family happy and healthy, Spring is also a great time to look for larger fixes around the house and identify areas for home repairs. From cleaning out your gutters to touching up your shingles, here are some around the house maintenance items to add to your spring cleaning checklist.

Check Your Roof

Rain, snow, and other winter elements can start to take a toll on your roof. Inspecting your roof and looking for signs of cracking, missing shingles or tiles, or any other signs of damage is pertinent at this time of year so as to not let the problems get worse. Checking flashing around chimneys, vents, and other rooftop fixtures is also a good idea. For sloped roofs or those too high off the ground to safely inspect, be sure to call a licensed professional for inspection and repairs.

Clean Your Gutters

If left unchecked for too long, debris in your gutters can cause backups and redirect runoff from your home. This can ultimately cause mold and water damage, meaning costly preventable repairs. Making sure your gutters are secure and leak-free is a quick way to prevent long term damage and expensive maintenance bills.

Give Your Garbage Disposal Some Love

Cleaning your garbage disposal frequently is a great way to prevent long term buildup and clogs over time. Taking a few minutes to clean your garbage disposal can prevent costly repairs down the line. Adopting some best practices such as keeping rice, pasta, and coffee grounds out of the garbage disposal are also easy ways to keep your garbage disposal clean!

Climate Control

Spring also a great time to check your climate control- it’s not too hot or too cold out, so you can address these problems before they actually start to affect you. Changing your climate system’s filter, dusting and vacuuming its area to prevent spread of allergens through the vents, and checking drain pans are quick and easy ways to keep your heating and cooling unit in working order.

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