Exterior Design Trends That Will Stand the Test of Time

Since the beginning of time, architecture has often been driven by the need to solve problems. For example, in early construction, it was necessary for shelter and security. In recent times, architecture has been used to take advantage of vertical space. The way home design trends have changed has always been a reflection of the current times.

Over the past several decades, not only have homeowners seen changes in architecture and construction, but we’ve also seen a variety of exterior design trends come and go. As technology, pricing, and our priorities have changed, so has the way we look at exterior home design and renovation.

Siding That Makes a Statement 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, vinyl siding is the number one exterior siding option. Centuries ago, homes were clad in any material that was free, or at least locally available. Today’s exterior home designers and contractors still keep an eye on material availability and construction costs, but they also take into consideration newer siding options and building materials that haven’t always been available.

A drive through any historic area of a town will show you that natural wood used to be a popular siding selection, as well as brick and stone. In the mid-1900s, however, the building industry took a leap forward to make all of these siding options available today.

    • Aluminum Siding – This siding was introduced in 1947 and is made of aluminum with a baked-on exterior color finish. It is cost-effective, eco-friendly and durable, but can be noisy and prone to damage. Many people also consider it to be out of style and dated.
    • Vinyl Siding – Although this option was around in the late 1800s it wasn’t available on the marketplace until the 1960s. It offered the same prefinished paint colors and low maintenance as aluminum siding without the dents and dings. bernard-hermant-KqOLr8OiQLU-unsplash
    • Stucco – Cement and water are mixed with lime and sand to create stucco siding. Although some synthetic stuccos have problems, high-quality stucco should be long-lasting and can be tinted nearly any neutral color.
    • Fiber Cement – Fiber cement siding looks similar to wood, masonry, or stucco while being low-maintenance and fire- and termite-proof. It originated in Austria in the early 1900s but didn’t gain popularity in the U.S. until the 1980s due to heavy forest fires.
    • Engineered Wood – This composite siding is made by mixing real wood with other materials. While it doesn’t look like real wood, it is more natural-looking than vinyl or steel, and is low-maintenance and durable.
    • Steel – The biggest advantage of this type of siding is its durability and low-maintenance qualities. It can be cut to the exact measurements of your home and creates a sleek and industrial architectural style or give your home a wood-style appearance. It is a prefinished material and available in a variety of colors.

Windows with Wow Factor

The purpose of windows used to be to let in fresh air and sunlight. While that is still true, they are now also a way to add personality to your home, and in some situations and climates, protect your home from the elements. When creating your exterior house design, it is important to take time to select the right windows, front door, and garage door for your home for a variety of reasons.

    • Windows will give your home a brand new look – You might be surprised at how the style of window can transform the way your home looks. Windows can be customized to match a certain style or personal preference. They can be shaped, sized, styled, and framed to change the entire look or color scheme of your home’s exterior. Every little change, whether it is the color, material, or another design aspect of the window, will make an impactful first impression.
    • Window upgrades can complement the character of your home – New windows don’t have to make your home look more energy-efficient and modern. They can be given architectural detail so that your home will blend in seamlessly with historic homes in your neighborhood or stand out with their own character. Upgrading your windows can restore it to its architectural era or blend a variety of exterior home trends to give your home its own unique look. Synapse_6-2017-64
    • Add curb appeal on a budget – Whether you plan to stay in your home or are looking to sell it, windows are the perfect option to get a big return on your remodel investment. The interior and exterior design of your home should be complementary and cohesive to truly stand out. Replacing your windows with high-quality materials can return up to 72 percent of the project cost when you sell your home.
    • Cut your energy costs – Not only do underperforming or outdated windows make your home look bad, but they are also bad for your monthly heating and cool bill, too. Old windows allow air to pass through them which can make it hard to maintain a cool or warm temperature resulting in elevated energy bills. Upgrading your windows is the most simple energy-efficient solution. Energy-efficient windows can be traditional or trendy and will add significant value to your home.

Create a Cohesive Look with Custom Design

The exterior and landscaping of your home should reflect who you are, your personality, and the things you care about. A unique design will provide all of those things, as well as curb appeal, while still providing longevity and protection to your home.

You’ve heard that a picture is worth 1000 words, and at Synapse Construction we can show you exactly what your new home exterior design will look like before your window or siding project ever begins. Our 3D design service allows you to look at your renovated home from nearly any perspective and it is really your home and not just an approximation model.

The outside of your home is just as important as the interior. With fun additions like an outdoor kitchen and fire pit, it can be a lively space for entertaining friends and family.

If you want craftsmanship and design that gives your home the look and feel that you’ve always wanted, as well as the peace of mind that it is built to last, contact us today. Our award-winning experience and dedication will craft a design that you will love that will endure the elements of the Pacific Northwest.

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