5 Tips For Safety In Home Construction Projects

1. Dress Appropriately: There’s no need to make a fashion statement when fixing up your house. Dangling earrings, necklaces, watches, and other jewelry can be dangerous in close proximity with power tools. Additionally, using earplugs when operating loud tools, covered shoes at all times, and protective eye wear when necessary are easy steps that can protect your eyes, ears, and feet.

2. Follow instructions: Even if you have a good idea of how to use something, a quick review of instructions when using new tools is very important. As technology moves forward, it’s important to know the different features of your tools before using them. Don’t just push buttons at random. Make sure you know how your tools work before using them.

3. Keep your workspace clean and organized: You don’t want to trip over yesterday’s project when you have power tools in hand. Keeping your workspace clean and organized will help you know where everything is. Organizing your space will also help keep dangerous tools out of children’s’ reach. Having good lighting in your workspace is also important so your vision is clear and you can easily pick out details. Easy-to-access fire extinguishers should always be in your home workshop or garage.

4. Use ladders safely: When using a ladder in your home, make sure all four legs are sturdy on the ground and braces are fully locked. Never climb above the second highest rung on the ladder, and make sure to distribute your weight evenly when climbing. As you ascend the ladder, make sure you’re holding both sides firmly, and don’t climb up too fast.

5. Take care of your tools: Dull, damaged, and old tools can be dangerous. Frequently inspect your equipment for any cracks, tears in wiring, or damage to electrical cords. Keep them sharpened or replace blades regularly as dull tools require more force. Applying more force with less control can have very dangerous consequences when working with power tools.

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay.com.

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