Four Must-Have Tools for Your Home Toolkit

Fixing up your house can be difficult. It’s even more difficult when you don’t have the right tools. Whether you’re moving into your first home or are ready for a step up from the orange Ikea toolset your mom bought you in college, check out these must-have tools for every household:

A Multi-Piece Screwdriver Set: Having a decent set of screwdrivers is essential. It will make everything from tightening the screws on your new table to mounting art on the wall a little easier. This ten piece set from Home Depot is affordable and should fulfill all of your at home needs.

A Tape Measurer: Grandpa was right: you should always measure twice, and cut once. Having a quality tape measurer in your home toolkit will come in handy when purchasing new furniture, hanging new fixtures, and whenever else you need it. This 25-foot tape measurer has all the features you need at a decent price.

A Hammer: Your upstairs neighbors might have kept you up all night hammering their new furniture when they moved in. Don’t be that neighbor. But having a quality hammer is another must-have tool in your home. Hammers don’t have to be fancy to get the job done. Consider this one for only $6.

An Adjustable Wrench: For any nuts and bolts you might need to fasten, an adjustable wrench will make your life a lot easier. Wrenches with changeable openings are especially useful because one wrench will do the job, regardless of the problem. This 10-Inch Adjustable Wrench should get most jobs around the house done with ease.

A Long-Lasting Flashlight: Though flashlights might not be the first thing in mind when you think of tools, they’re another must-have for around the house. Whether you need to extract something from the basement or find hard-to reach supplies at the back of your closet, a flashlight will make your life easier. Consider this lightweight, easy to store flashlight. You’ll be grateful next time the power goes out.


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