How Our Project Management Systems Keep Us Organized & Efficient


These days two kinds of companies exist — those that embrace technology, and those that run from it. Construction companies are no different, and by most accounts, some are even slower to adopt technology that creates efficiency and actionable data.

Our Seattle window and siding business, Synapse Construction, has taken to the idea that more information is better, and that data is our friend.

Tracking Data

For some, it might seem like there is not a lot of data to track in a home remodeling project, but we use several sources and find important uses.

First and foremost, tracking materials data is important for calculating costs.

For example, we need certain materials for a Seattle window replacement project, and they cost “X” amount. We know what we planned to spend, and once that job is complete, we’ll know if we are under or over the projected cost.

Labor Productivity

The real data gold lies in labor productivity.

Knowing the cost per unit of the labor needed to perform a task for a Seattle siding replacement project can be tricky. Projects such as these require excellent organization and data analysis in order to track and make sense of all the variables that exist in custom exterior work.

Project Management Systems

Synapse Construction has spent the last two years developing on-site monitoring and reporting to collect the data necessary to know how much our labor should cost and how much time jobs should take.

The systems we have implemented allow our team to see in real time how things are stacking up in the field for labor and materials, rather than learning about issues after the job is already finished. This helps us do our jobs more efficiently and proactively, which ultimately leads to more consistent outcomes.

Benefits for Our Employees and Our Customers

Our project systems benefit not only our workers, but our customers as well. When we have detailed tracking of supplies, costs, labor, and timing, we are able to forecast completion dates and hit quality milestones in real time.

Other companies that don’t have this kind of data may find that they are having production or scheduling issues, but will have trouble determining why. In an attempt to recoup the cost of those inefficiencies, they may even ask for more money from their customer. The technology we use at Synapse Construction gives us a target to shoot for and guidance along the way to hit the bull’s eye.

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