How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Painting

A professional painter uses a paint roller on a wall

Getting ready for a big painting project at your home or business? Whether you’re just starting to look at paint samples or you’ve already contacted some painting contractors, here’s how you can prepare your home for a professional painting job.

Preparing for Interior Painters

Before your interior painters arrive to complete your interior wall painting project, here are some simple steps you can take to prep the area:

  • Move furniture and large objects away from the walls
  • Remove paintings, mirrors, and anything else hanging on the walls
  • Dust and clean the surfaces that will be painted
  • Plan to stay out of the space being painted

A professional painting contractor will have tarps, tape, and other protective materials to cover your belongings and keep them protected during your residential or commercial interior painting project. However, it’s essential that you make the areas to be painted accessible and clear of any obstructions so that your painters can focus on the job at hand. You don’t want your painting contractor spending time moving furniture out of the way instead of painting. This can greatly extend the time and effort involved in your commercial or residential interior painting project.

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At Synapse Construction, we proudly offer residential and commercial interior painting services for residents and business owners throughout the Pacific Northwest. You can count on our interior painters to handle your project with expertise from start to finish, including letting you know how you can best prepare on painting day. Contact us today for more information and to get started.

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