Light Up Your Summer With These Lanterns and Flashlights

Summer is upon us, and that means warmer nights, clearer skies, and more time spent outside. Whether you’re looking for a headlamp for a long distance backpacking trip, a small flashlight to keep in your pack, or a great lamp for backyard camping trips, here are four types of lights all outdoor enthusiasts should have.

A Quality Headlamp

If you’re a headlamp sceptic, you probably haven’t tried one. For camping, night hiking, or even navigating your home when the power goes out, headlamps are highly useful. A few of our picks for great headlamps include:

A Pocket Flashlight

A pocket flashlight is another must have for your Summer adventures. A small light that can travel anywhere with you should be light-weight, bright, and have a long lasting battery. Wherever your summer adventures take you, we’d recommend these flashlights:

A Heavy Duty Flashlight

For quick trips, a pocket flashlight is a great solution. If you’re going far off the beaten path, however, you may need a heavier duty flashlight. With longer range beams and high powered batteries, some of our recommended heavy duty flashlights include:

A Tabletop or Hanging Lantern

Finally, for all of your outdoor Summer needs, tabletop and hanging lanterns will make your life a whole lot easier. For lighting up tents, seating areas, or finding your way to the campsite, here are a few great tabletop and hanging lanterns:

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