Meet Kyle: The Man Behind the Tool Belt

My name is Kyle Keever, and I come from a family that’s been building in the Puget Sound for over 80 years. I believe the best quality work comes from motivated people and high quality tools. That’s why we started Kyle’s Tool Belt: to share straightforward, simple advice about the best tools on the market, safety practices and more. High quality tools keep my business running, and construction is pretty much in my blood. My grandfather was a developer who built large parts of the Eastside and Mercer Island. My father is a general contractor who’s built hundreds of homes in the Pacific Northwest.  After receiving my Chemistry degree in 1993, I worked in the chemical and industrial hygiene industry for about five years. Then, I decided to move back to Seattle and join my father in the construction business.

As for my experience, I started out doing general labor and carpenter work, moving on to a foreman role, to superintendent, and eventually general manager of the company.  Along the way, it became apparent that there were very few people trained and qualified to implement the waterproofing details required for siding in our harsh wet western Washington weather. With these ideas in mind, I started Synapse Construction in 2009 to fill that hole in the Seattle marketplace.

My philosophy is simple: my team takes responsibility for doing things right. We take pride in delivering stunning presentations as a chef would when watching a customer take their first bite of a dish they made. We believe in good work and safe practices.  After all it’s only a building, and your fingers won’t grow back.

I’m not interested in world domination but I am interested in building a best in class business that delivers consistent returns to its customers and its employees.  In Synapse’s case that means providing the best exterior construction service possible. Whatever your case, I hope this blog can provide some advice and insight for your home or commercial projects. Happy reading.

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