More Cedar and Fiber Cement Siding in Seattle

seattle siding companyWe’re underway on another open joint rain-screen project in Madison Park Seattle This modern home is getting the open joint siding treatment that our guys do so well This house will have a mixture of fiber cement siding panels and horizontal 1×4 tight knot cedar siding We had the cedar siding pre stained and are installing it with stainless steel siding nails that will remain exposed With the black stain on the cedar siding contrasting with the nail heads the results are stunning, and we just got started The tolerances for getting the look we and our architect/owner client wants are very exacting when you are dealing with 5/16” course lines In other words, don’t cedar sidingtry this at home Because of the importance of the window opening waterproofing the architect/owner asked us to handle the? window installation We installed these beautiful Fleetwood aluminum windows which add to the modern look of this home For these open joint siding projects we use Vaproshield products It was a bit of a curve ball to find out they had gone to a new system without telling the siding contractors and companies that buy and use their products I’ll write a post detailing the new methods in due time but suffice to say it is more labor intensive and employs more expensive materials than before Until I’ll add some more photos of this cool Seattle modern home’s siding.

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