What no sheeting behind the old Seattle siding?

If your Seattle siding and window project isn’t working with your budget be flexible.

Seattle siding We are currently involved in a Seattle siding and windowcondominium repair project The scope of work includes removing existing stucco, wood siding, windows and doors The original design called for replacing the siding with hardie siding panels and corrugated metal siding As demolition commenced we discovered the structure had no structural sheeting (plywood) and was sheeted with gyp board throughout This made the original siding design problematic as without plywood sheeting you must nail the fiber cement siding to the studs which eliminates any chance for siding panel alignment and decorative screw patterns.

Re skinning the building with plywood was not within the budget so the design was changed to horizontal hardie plank siding To create an interesting texture in keeping with the original design different exposures of the horizontal fiber cement siding are being used on various elevations with paint color variations Additional work was still needed to add studs at inside corners and wall ends to allow for vertical siding trim and a nailer for the end of the fiber cement siding This approach was more cost effective than re sheeting the entire building but still resulted in a cost increase.

The lesson here is if you have an older building (in this case circa 1970s) it pays to do some destructive investigation to determine the wall assemblies or what is behind the old Seattle siding, as the original drawings for the building indicated plywood sheeting Times were tough during the time the building was constructed and the siding and windows installed, corners were cut and materials downgraded to lower costs Knowing the existing construction deficiencies and defects would have been helpful during the siding and window design and budgeting phase Fortunately we have a responsive Seattle siding and construction team (Architect, HOA, and GC) and have been able to quickly implement the appropriate siding changes to provide for a cost effective siding solution without sacrificing the design intent.

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