The One Tool Kyle Won’t Leave Home Without

From hammers and saws, to cordless drills and more, all construction professional and DIYers have their go-to tools. From siding jobs, to kitchen remodels, to breaking ground on new buildings and more, Kyle has a library of tools to choose from on one job to the next. But there’s one tool regardless of the job he never leaves home without: His Surface Pro.

When you run a construction company, you wear many hats (literally and figuratively). You need to take photos. You need to make accurate measurements, write up documents, manage schedules, and keep in contact with your people. You need to go from one site to another, and often that means managing data from each construction site on the go. Kyle’s solution to this is the Surface Pro.

He leverages the Surface Pro’s screen capabilities for photographing properties and scoping out job sites. He’s able to annotate images and site plans with the on the device with its display pen. Having this tablet enables him to streamline his process: instead of printing out documents, taking photos, and taking the time to put all of the information together, he can use this device to do it all at once. Its one piece of equipment for every function he needs.

With up to one terabyte of storage in a device that weighs less than two pounds, Kyle also chooses the Surface Pro for its portability. That means he can set up shop at any job site or even in his truck. He also doesn’t have to compromise quality for portability, because this one tiny device has the full functionality of any computing system he would use. He can also plug his Surface Pro back into his docking station when he is working from the office, and get all of that data collected in the field on his double monitor setup.

Not every DIYer needs a portable office at their fingertips. But as the head of a construction company, Kyle needs one everyday and he finds that in his Surface Pro. For more advice about the best tools on the market and other tips and tricks for builders everywhere, be sure to check out our website, and keep an eye out for next week’s post!

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