Rainscreen 101

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we’re no strangers to wet weather. With Seattle averaging 156 days of rain a year, we believe that protecting your house from the elements should be a priority for every homeowner. Rainscreen installation is a great option for anyone looking to weatherproof their house or office or increase their energy efficiency.

What Is Rainscreen?

Rainscreen is a system for building exterior walls where the siding is built with a small gap between the exterior wall to allow for drainage and evaporation.

The system works as a protective shield with a minimum ⅛-inch gap between the siding and the backup structure of the home. This gap, as well as drainage openings at the top and bottom, create a capillary break for water drainage and air circulation. Air between the wall and the rainscreen allow moisture to escape and create an insulation layer for your home.

How Do I Know if I Need Rainscreen Installed?

Although rainscreen implementation is not required for residential homes in Washington state, Seattle averages around 37.5 inches of precipitation a year (in 2017 we wound up with 47.87 inches), which suggests that Rainscreen is an component for most PNW homes.

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What Are the Benefits of Rainscreen?

Rainscreen has several benefits, without very many (if any) cons to the installation. Even if you live in a dryer region, constructing exterior walls with rainscreen wouldn’t be a bad idea. It’s designed to defend your structure against excess moisture and prevent long-term damage to the framing and siding of your home.

The insulation that rainscreen provides also regulates temperature regardless of any extreme outside weather, and therefore helps to improve energy efficiency inside the home.

Compared to fixing water or weather damage, building with rainscreen is inexpensive and saves you unnecessary stress.

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