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Window Upgrades Help Keep You From Throwing Money Away

Most homeowners are careful when spending money improving their homes. They want to get the best return on their investment. Whether you’re working to increase the resale value of a home you want to sell or you plan to stay put in your current home indefinitely, there are a number of improvements that can be made. But how do you choose? A home is generally a person’s largest investment, so saving money in and on your home is a great first step to avoid throwing money out the window!? With the federal tax credits there hasn’t been a better time to replace your windows with new energy efficient windows Not every window has the qualities to qualify for the federal rebate so make sure your supplier knows if that is a criteria for your Seattle replacement window package.

Consider Seattle Replacement Windows

Upgrading old windows with new Seattle replacement windows is a great home improvement option. Windows are one of the most important areas in your home for energy conservation. A bad window is like having a big hole in your wall that lets the heat out and the cold in. Older Seattle windows can often be worn out, leak air, and not function or operate well. Seattle Replacement windows can solve any or all of these problems.

Some of the most important areas in your home for energy conservation are your windows. Evaluating what you have in place will help as you decide how and when to install Seattle replacement windows. Older windows are often single paned which doesn’t help contain energy in your home. They leak air and don’t provide a good protective barrier to the heat and cold that’s outside your home. They let in the cold and out the heat in the winter and the other way around in the warmer months. Replacing single pane windows will make your home more energy efficient because new windows are more energy efficient. They prevent air leaks and are more durable than older single pane windows. They are also low maintenance, and are easier to operate than the windows installed in the home when it was new.

Choosing the Right Seattle Replacement Windows

A wide array of window materials is available for your home. Here are some of the more common window materials and feature choices.

  • Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are low maintenance and low cost. They are very common but don’t come in a huge range of colors.

  • Composite Windows

Composite Seattle replacement windows are stronger than vinyl as well as being lighter and more stable. Composite materials aren’t as vulnerable to heat and cold as vinyl and won’t twist or warp. They also retain their shape and color, resisting denting and fading, offering long-term durability.

  • Aluminum Frames

New aluminum frames are “thermally broken” Unlike the older frames that are not thermally broken new aluminum sash windows do not “sweat” and are a good Seattle replacement window choice Although aluminum is not as energy efficient of a frame it offers great durability, low maintenance and can lend itself to a more modern look.

  • Wood Frames

Wood is thought to be the most beautiful window frame material. They do, however, require more maintenance in that they need to be painted or stained periodically. They are also more expensive than vinyl, composite or aluminum. Some manufacturers will encase the wood in a composite material that maintains the look and feel of the wood while reducing the maintenance.

Know Your Glass!

Buying new windows can be confusing enough without having to worry about the technicalities of the glass and how it works. There is some basic information you should know, however, about the types of glass available for your Seattle replacement windows that will give you the most for your money when trying to conserve energy.

  • U-value

U-value measures how insulating windows are. The more insulating the window is the lower the U-Value, making it more effective at keeping out the cold and heat and therefore making it more energy efficient.

  • Low-E

Low-E, or Low Emissivity, is glass that is coated with a glaze that reduces the heat transfer back through the glass. This helps keep warm air in during cold weather and hot air out during the warmer seasons. This will improve the thermal performance of the Seattle replacement windows you choose.

  • Gas Fills

Energy efficient replacement windows are generally either double or triple paned, meaning two or three pieces of glass sandwiched together. These windows have gas between the panes to increase thermal performance, making them more energy efficient. There are two types of gases used for this, argon and krypton. Krypton is more expensive than argon but is more effective at resisting heat flow than argon.

  • Performance Ratings

One performance rating for Seattle replacement windows is called the U-Factor. This indicates how much non-solar heat can pass through the glass. The lower the U-Factor is, the more energy efficient the window.

Finally, air leakage is another way of measuring the energy efficiency of Seattle replacement windows. This is a measurement of how much air can leak through a window. The lower the air leakage rating the more efficient the replacement window is.

What’s the Next Step?

Once you decide to install replacement windows in your home, it’s time to hire a good Seattle area window contractor. They can take you through the process from pricing to installation. And they can show you a variety of choices that will work for your project Seattle Replacement windows are available in a huge assortment of materials and styles. From a small bathroom window to a beautiful bay window, there is a Seattle replacement window for any room.

Replacement windows can improve the overall appearance of your home and will make your home more energy efficient. So stop throwing money out the window! Invest in replacement windows for your home.

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