Seattle Siding -Reuse Recycle or New?

Reuse can save Seattle siding $ and cost $, it depends.

Seattle siding replacementIn these lean economic times reusing building components can help save money and the environment but there are a few things to think about first Will any savings of your reuse recycle efforts be offset by having to protect, augment or remove and reset those components Who’s responsibility is it? for warrantying those reused items. Has your desire to recycle and reuse caused you to make concessions to some of the end results of your construction?

Many times when an item is designated in a construction project to be saved and reused that item becomes one of the most expensive pieces of the project This is usually because the salvaged Seattle siding or whatever it may be needs to be taken down during construction, stored, reinstalled and in some cases augmented to work in its new environment With extra handling comes more opportunities for damage to the salvaged Seattle siding or item It always makes sense to look at the costs of reusing something before making that decision.

Another pit fall of reuse is that if for example you wish to reuse the old Seattle windows on your building, and after they are re installed they start to leak and the owner or tenant has priceless piece of art water damaged Assuming the Seattle siding and old windows were installed properly, there is nobody to warranty the problem and the owner is left with the responsibility to figure out if the Seattle siding install was bad or if the window is just a leaker Not to mention the owner already paid to remove/re install the siding and windows and will now have to pay to install a new Seattle siding and windows In the same example if the contractor had supplied new windows, the contractor would be responsible for correcting the problem and determining the cause of the leak whether Seattle siding or the window This is not to say arrangements can’t be worked out to clearly define who warranties what in a situation of reuse but that would of course need to happen at the beginning of the project.

Reusing and recycling components is on the face of it a good thing However if you’re a building owner that is trying to renovate your building to find higher end tenants, chances are there will be very little that should not be upgraded If the original components don’t lend themselves to the design then by all means recycle them by donating to Habitat for Humanity or other building material recycling companies However don’t let your desire to reuse force you to compromise your construction goals.

Reuse is something everyone should try to do when renovating an existing building However it’s not as cut and dry as it may sound Making sure you are not sacrificing your design, paying attention to the possible added costs for reuse and determining the level of warranties for reused items need to be taken into account If it can’t be reused on your site it surely it will be valuable in another project and can find its way there through the companies that recycle building materials.

Recycling resources:? Habitat for Humanity – Second Use building materials

This post was inspired by an article written by Bill Disanto of Englewood Construction Click the link to go to his article.

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