Revamp Your Home Toolkit: High Quality Tools To Look For In 2017

The New Year is here. For commercial businesses and DIYers alike, this is a time when many people are starting new projects, sprucing up their homes, and committing to renovations they may or may not finish in the coming months. Don’t be that person who says they’re going to fix up the house but never gets around to it. Consider some of these tools to make this year’s resolution a reality:

To replace the pliers you’ve had since 1998: 8” DeWALT Diagonal Pliers With Prying Tip

These diagonal pliers have a small head that’s ideal for plying small items like nails and screws. They’re cutters and pliers in one, so they’ll make your job easier by saving time you would have otherwise wasted switching tools. Each pair comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning you won’t have to buy a new pair until the next century.

To have a central hub for your tools and projects: The Kreg Mobile Project Center

This Mobile Project Center gives you a station for all of your craftsmanship in one place. It includes a sawhorse, assembly table, clamping station and workbench in one unit. That means one station can fulfill a number of different purposes. This project center has heavy-gauge steel legs that give it a solid base of support that’s built for quick setup and easy storage. This means you’ll have the sturdiness of a permanent work station, but this one is easy to fold up and store, maximizing the flexibility of your workspace.

To replace that old handheld screwdriver with a high quality electric model: The Black & Decker BDCS50C 4V Roto-BIT Storage Screwdriver

This is a great tool to have around the house. Its 8-bit design and magnets to hold extra screws make it top of the line in terms of versatility. This means from tiny fixes around the houses, to large scale repairs and renovations, this tool will get the job done. Its lithium power will stay charged for over a year, meaning stopping to charge won’t slow down your workflow.

For the straightest edges on all of your projects: Black & Decker BDECS300C 13 Amp Circular Saw with Laser

This lightweight, multi-bladed circular saw will meet all of your at home project needs. Equipped with a laser guide for improved accuracy, this saw means you’ll get the straightest cuts without breaking the bank on bells and whistles you don’t need.

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