Safety is a Priority

You shouldn’t have to worry about SAFETY!Running a construction project can be challenging. The last thing you want to do is worry about your contractor or subcontractor not practicing proper safety compliance on your job. It can be dangerous, add liability and at a minimum take valuable time away with constant baby sitting. That’s why Synapse Construction has developed a robust safety program. It’s not only good for our employees but it’s good for our customers, trade partners and the communities we work in.

Every job we are on has a Synapse branded and OSHA compliant safety box that contains first aid, job site specific safety plan, fall protection plan and all forms necessary for site specific safety documentation as well as safety meeting/tool box talks and logs. The Synapse safety box and binder is the first thing to show up on our sites and the last thing to leave.

We have a dedicated safety officer that randomly inspects our job sites in order to catch our people in the act of practicing proper safety precautions or on rare occasions document non compliance. We have developed an award system for our employees to earn “safety points”. They can use their points to buy things from our “safety store” or save them up for a day off. This system helps keep our people motivated to hold themselves and each other accountable to staying safe on the job.

We are members of the GRIP Retro program and have benefited from their guidance and safety excellence. Our partnership with GRIP has helped us keep our employees safe and build out a safety system that is more than just compliance. It’s actually practicing proper safety protocols for the sake of our own health and safety as well as those we work around.

We’ve seen the job site cowboys and we know those guys are just one mistake away from lying in a hospital be or worse. You can’t be a great construction firm and not have good safety. Without a good safety plan your just construction cowboys.

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