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Synapse Construction specializes in two of the main aspects of exterior construction, which are sidings and windows. Our siding as well as window installation and replacement services are second to none. With every project we deliver our customers a personalized service that is specially tailored, keeping in mind their unique tastes and preferences. We offer a unique perspective and approach to all of the projects we undertake and verify that all the requirements and needs of the customers are accommodated.

We are a team of highly accomplished experts who can capably handle any sort of siding and window replacement project and surpass the expectations of clients by providing them with top of the line services at an affordable cost. Each of the team members are specially trained in his respective field to guarantee that our clients are provided with unmatched services that are second to none.

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I’ve written before about the importance of sheet metal flashings when it comes to siding systems It can be difficult sometimes to order the flashing you need because drawing a complicated 3D part on paper can be a challenge It certainly helps to have a little skill in 3D drawing to get the right part for your Seattle siding project the first time However if this is not possible you can always draw a few different perspectives of the same part to convey the information, similar to elevations of a house in blue prints Below is an example of a parapet to wall saddle done both in 3D and elevation perspective.


Seattle siding custom flashing Seattle siding custom flashing



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