Seattle Fiber-Cement Siding

James Hardie fiber-cement siding is very popular for siding replacement projects here in Seattle It’s a very durable product that takes


Seattle fiber cement siding Don’t do this to your fiber cement siding


paint well, doesn’t burn, is pest resistant and will last a very long time However, I am constantly seeing fiber-cement siding installed incorrectly on homes, multi-family and commercial buildings One of the most common mistakes I see is when the fiber cement siding has been put in contact with horizontal flashing and caulked There should always be a gap between the fiber cement siding and horizontal metal flashings and no caulk I know some people just can’t resist caulking but in this case you need to Another common mistake with fiber cement siding installation is the use of blind nailing and face nailing on the same plank which results in cracked and broken planks I could keep going on with fiber cement installation problems but I won’t It’s not rocket science and all it takes it takes is a quick visit to to get the information you need to install it correctly and maintain the material warranty James Hardie occasionally changes installation methods and whether you are a fiber cement siding contractor or a DIY home owner you should always look up and read the manufactures best practices for installation when embarking on a new fiber cement siding project Or you could just call us and we’ll make sure your fiber cement siding is installed right the first time.

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