Seattle Shingle Siding Replaced With Fiber Cement Siding

seattle siding replacement Original wood cap that failed and resulted in dry rot repairs


To view the full description and pictures of this home’s siding replacement project click – Seattle fiber cement siding replacement – The back porch of this home had a beautifully constructed wood rail cap that was built about 5 years ago The carpentry that went into its construction showed a lot of skill however it’s construction was not suitable exterior construction in our wet Seattle weather For starters the wood cap was built level or with no slope to allow water to run


saddle flashing soldered wall cap saddle to protect the roof to wall junction


off easily The other problem was the building wrap under the cap was reverse lapped What happened is when it rained the water was able to pool up on top of the cap because it was level At the mitered corner the caulked joint had failed and allowed water to run under the cap over the years This resulted in dry rot in the cap and the railing wall The dry rot repair necessary would have been more extensive but luckily the studs were pressure treated and all that needed to be replaced was the cap and plywood sheeting We made the necessary dry rot repairs and to avoid future problems elected to match the profile of the wood cap with


saddle flashing Soldered bonderized corner cap


a sheet metal cap That allowed us to use a fully soldered corner boot and a soldered saddle at the cap to wall junction We had a slight slope built into the cap Not so much of a slope you can’t set a drink on it, but enough for water to run off away from the house We matched the crown molding trim and our metal cap looks just like the wood cap but will last indefinitely and protect the wall for many years to come Seattle siding and exterior envelopes need to be bomb proof to hold up to our climate for the long run.


Seattle Siding Repair New metal wall cap
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