Seattle Siding – Aluminum Windows

Seattle window replacementI love the look of aluminum windows The frame is much smaller than wood or vinyl windows which leave more room for glass Aluminum windows also allow for larger spans that would otherwise need to be broken up with multiple window units Unfortunately aluminum windows have some significant drawbacks First on the list is that most don’t meet the energy requirements for the current energy code with standard double pane glazing Triple glazed aluminum windows can meet code but can also blow the budget Aluminum windows also rely on sealant at the miter joints in the corners of the frame These joints are not reliable and we’ve had recent experiences where the corners of new windows installed leaked within the first week We were able to reseal the window but that shouldn’t happen in the first place When installing an aluminum window one should plan on water getting in and always use a sill pan or at the very least a back dam If you need to remove and reset an aluminum window all the joints should be re-sealed with the appropriate sealant and re-installed with a pan or back dam to mitigate the future water intrusion.

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