Seattle siding and roofing replacement

Seattle siding and roofing replacement

Sfiber cement siding replacementeattle Roofing and Seattle siding are both important pieces of your home’s exterior envelope The areas where they come together are critical for an effective building envelope and this especially important in Seattle When considering siding replacement or roofing replacement or both it is important to pay attention to the areas where they come together Typically the siding is installed by a siding contractor and the roofing is installed by a roofing contractor These two trades don’t always communicate well and that can cause problems Even if the siding contractor and roofing contractor are skilled and have the best intentions, if they don’t coordinate/communicate to some degree, there is a good chance a problem may arise at their material interface.

It’s wise to evaluate your roofing when considering siding replacement If roof replacement is imminent it’s a good idea to install the roof first and then perform the siding replacement If you plan to get a few years more out of your roofing before replacing it and installing new siding it can pay to plan for the eventual roofing replacement project On a recent project where we replaced old cedar shingle siding with fiber-cement replacement siding the owner mentioned he would be replacing the roof in a year or two In an effort to limit any siding problems with the eventual roof replacement we installed trim boards where roof to wall or step flashing would need to be replaced We also used screws rather than nails to make the trim boards more easily removed This allows the roofing contractor to carefully remove the trim boards, replace the flashing, re-set the trim, a little touch up paint and done Of course this only works if your Seattle siding contractor knows what’s up!

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