Seattle Siding and Window Replacement

Seattle Siding and window replacementIf you’ve got an old Seattle home and the windows or siding have reached the end of their useful life it’s a good idea to replace both at the same time Siding and window replacement done at the same time will give you the best possible end result When siding replacement and window replacement aren’t done together there are usually some sacrifices made along the way I know its not always possible monetarily to do both at the same time but if you need to do one before the other you should start with the replacement windows You can check out our window replacement blog articles and videos here , You will need to work with the house siding when replacing the windows but it will be much easier to replace the siding on the home when you have the resources after the replacement windows are done rather than the other way around This approach to phasing your Seattle siding and window replacement is best in terms of achieving a water tight envelope while you take a break to save up to complete the project.

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