Seattle siding – cool façade

Seattle siding company Before I go into how cool this siding in the picture is I want to lay out what I had to type to make write the word façade correctly. To get the cedilla accented c you need to hold down the alt key and type 0231. Seems aDecorated car little cumbersome but I guess if you’ve got google at your finger tips its really never that big of deal. Anyway, I happened by this building while I was out and about and thought it had a really cool exterior construction. Upon further inspection it wasn’t siding but a false front or façade on an other wise fairly blah building. The siding or façade on the building was basically 2×2 cedar layed up over horizontal strapping and fastened with stainless steel screws. I don’t know about you but I think this siding/façade is accentuated by the accessorized car parked in pole position.

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