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Seattle Siding ContractorWell it’s been a little while since we’ve done a pre finished panel siding project Not because we haven’t been asked to but more because I swore I wouldn’t do it again In the past we’ve had problems with the panel siding material showing up with scratches and other blemishes These blemishes really show themselves on a smooth panel versus a textured siding panel The manufacturer who I won’t mention by name (initials are JH) has been very good about replacing the product with new at no cost to us, Seattle siding contractors, but in reality there is a cost The cost is in time and scheduling If we need to order replacement panels then we need to wait and the project schedule is delayed or things get done out of typical sequence and man hours go up I’ve always been an advocate for pre finished siding in Seattle It makes a lot of sense when our building exteriors take such a beating So I had another customer recently ask if we could do a smooth pre finished Seattle siding panel job on his new cottage The manufacturer has been working hard on fixing the production problems that lead to the pre damaged panels I had on a few projects So I decided to give it another try I’ll let you know how it works out I hope it works like it should and we get the panels, mill them to the size we want, install them and the owner gets worry free Seattle siding on his new building If you do want to use pre finished material its important your Seattle siding contractors takes care in protecting the finish until it’s installed or it’s a big waste of time and money.

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