Seattle siding repair with rotten framing

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Seattle siding water intrusion


Synapse Construction, Seattle siding, was recently contracted to perform siding repairs on a circa 1980s residence One of the areas in need of repair was below a wood stove chimney.

After removing the compromised siding there was much damage discovered from water intrusion and pest activity The chimney penetration had not been sealed properly and had allowed water to leak into the wall for many years The area of damage was particularly difficult to deal with as the electrical panel, furnace and trunk line duct work were all in the damaged area.

We at Synapse Construction – Seattle Siding, sympathize with the disapointment the owner feels when unknown serious problems are discovered That’s why we don’t look at the situation as an opportunity to charge exorbitant rates, like some other contractors, rather we take the opportunity to provide quick affordable solutions to get the project back on track.

Don’t ignore your Seattle siding problems – solve them.


Seattle siding effects of years of water intrusion


When unfortunate underlying conditions are discovered we make it a point to communicate the problem and all possible solutions with the owner so we can work as a team to make an informed decision that everyone can be happy with We pride ourselves on our ability to offer creative solutions and least intrusive methods of Seattle siding repair.

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