Seattle Siding Replacement – when and why to take it all off

Seattle siding replacement
This is what the wall looked like behind the siding.

When does it make sense to repair your siding or completely replace it? This can be a tricky question to answer, not to mention the answer will affect your budget. The problem with siding repair in Seattle is we have so much water that sometimes where you think the problem is located isn’t really the source or is only a contributing factor to a larger problem.

It can be difficult to diagnose where a leak is coming from. However in some situations the deficiency in the siding is obvious and a simple siding repair can be implemented with confidence. In some instances, once the siding repair begins other problems show themselves and it becomes obvious that the problem is not isolated and is systemic. In these cases it is best to go with siding replacement. In some instances it is possible to install the replacement siding over the existing siding but we typically do not recommend it.

For best results the siding and trim should be removed so the walls can be Seattle siding repairinspected for water damage, the windows properly waterproofed and any dry rot repaired. The cost of removing your existing siding is typically a small percentage of the overall siding replacement budget. We feel it’s worth doing in most cases to ensure that your building envelope will perform for decades to come after your siding replacement project. Here in Seattle, our building envelopes get put to the test almost year round. If you’re having issues with your siding it’s best not to wait or use a band-aid approach.

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