Seattle Window Replacement – Window Unit or Insert?

Seattle Window ReplacementMany older Seattle homes have single pain wood windows that are cold and drafty in the winter and allow too much heat in during the summer. There are different ways to approach correcting this problem. One way is to add storm windows on the outside of the home but this usually comes with an aesthetic cost. The more attractive way is to install energy efficient replacement windows Depending on what type of windows you are replacing and how the siding is set up a full window replacement unit might be the best way or installing window inserts may be a good option. When a window replacement unit is the plan the entire window unit (frame, sash, glass…) is removed and a new window unit is installed.  This will typically involve re working some of the siding or exterior trim as well as the interior trim. Window replacement inserts are usually less labor intensive and can be done more quickly.  Below is a video showing a Seattle Window Replacement project utilizing inserts.  Either way window replacement for greater energy efficiency in Seattle or anywhere else needs to be done in concert with other energy improvements, like; insulation in the wall, attic and crawl space Weather sealing doors.  Sealing up “holes” in the house.  Click on the link to view a window replacement using a window unit.

Seattle Window Replacement with vinyl insert movie

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