Siding and Window Replacement = ROI in Seattle

Remodeling magazine has come out with it’s 2013 cost vs. value list for home improvement projects. Siding and window replacement are high on the list for return on investment. The resale return on investment for siding replacement and window replacement is one thing and the energy savings adds more monetary benefit.  Many people don’t realize that when they have their siding and windows replaced, if done correctly the best siding contractors and replacement window contractors will not only upgrade the curb appeal of your home but upgrade the performance of the building envelope.  More energy efficient replacement windows keep the warm in during the cold Seattle winter and the cold out during the summer. They also help keep out unwanted street noise.   If siding replacement is part of the upgrade for your creates a more air tight enclosure mitigating the transfer of air from inside the structure out and visa versa. Having a tight exterior envelope makes the mechanical equipment that heats and cools your house work less leading to lower energy bills. So along with the re sale ROI on siding replacement and window replacement, if you plan to stay in your home these upgrades will pay monthly dividends in lower utility bills.

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