Siding and Windows in Reverse

I’ve been blown away lately by the lack of knowledge some of Seattle Siding’s potential customers have shown in the way they treat their exterior building projects All projects have a natural progression that allows them to flow efficiently When that progression is reversed or jumbled things can go backwards For instance I’ve run into some home owners that have hired a window replacement company, had their windows replaced and then when their new windows in start looking at new Seattle siding Maybe its not obvious to the average home owner but if you plan to install replacement windows and seattle siding they should be done together This will insure the windows and their flashings are correctly integrated for durable waterproof system It’s also an advantage to have one contractor install both the replacement windows and the seattle siding for one main reason If you have a problem down the road with the building exterior you won’t have to try and figure out which contractor screwed up;? the Seattle Replacement Window contractor or the Seattle siding contractor since it will be one in the same That’s why we offer window installation as part of our Seattle siding services We know that penetrations in the building envelope are the most critical areas and require the most care when it comes to the weather tightness of a building seattle siding in reverse

It may not be possible to always perform both activities at the same time due to budget constraints However, there are methods that can be implemented to plan ahead while installing replacement windows to allow for a future seattle siding replacement that will properly tie into the penetration flashings around the windows or visa versa Before you hire a contractor that just wants to sell you a product give us a call We will work within the constraints of your budget and align the right products and methods to fit your project and pocket book Let us keep your project in drive and out of reverse.

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