3 Quick DIY Fixes Before the In-Laws Get to Town

The holidays are right around the corner. The kids are out of school, work is a little crazy, and your in-laws are on their way. Whether you want to spruce up your home for the holidays or ensure the railings are sturdy for grandpa, consider some of these quick fixes before guests get to town.

Reinforce Your Railings:

The easiest place to start fixing your railings is by tightening the screws on the handrails. If you find a loose screw near the wall, that’s an easy quick fix. Replacing old screws can also make a big difference. If that doesn’t work, investigate where the newel post, the individual poles that connect the stair to the railing, is attached. Tightening any loose bolts in this area will make your staircase a lot sturdier. If this doesn’t work either, L brackets can be another solution. Placing these reinforcing brackets on the staircase will make it much more solid so it will support your loved ones.

Fix That Sliding Door That Always Gets Stuck:

If your sliding door is hard to open or always gets jammed, you should consider fixing it before it gets worse. This is a quick fix when caught early, but if you wait too long it can get difficult and costly to fix. The first step is to take the door off its tracks, which varies from door to door but can typically be done by removing screws and lifting the door out of the track. This is probably best done with a friend as most doors are quite heavy and awkward to carry. Lay the door carefully on a flat surface and examine the wheels on the lower frame. If they are stuck or damaged add some WD-40 or replace the wheels completely. If the wheels look functional, clean your door’s track and remove any debris or other particles that may be slowing it down.

De-stain Your Bathtub:

Before you can de-stain your bathtub, it’s important to know what your tub is made of. Common materials include porcelain, enamel, and acrylic. For porcelain tubs, your local grocery store should have products to help clean you such as Comet or Ajax. If your tub is enamel, most all-surface cleaners will get the job done. At-home remedies can also work in most cases: mixing a lemon and vinegar solution or baking soda and water should do the trick.

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay.com

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