(A Few More) Tools To Look For In 2017

If you liked our last post about up-and-coming tools of 2017, here are a few more to look into. As you’re doing those New Year around the house repairs, consider a few more options to add to your at-home tool kit this year:

So your measurements are precise as precise as possible: The GAM 220 MF Digital Angle Finder

For professional and recreational craftsmen, it’s important to have exact angle measurements. This Bosch angle finder is accurate down to one tenth of a degree and measures up to 220 degrees. This tool is four tools for the price of one: in addition to finding angles, it can also be used as a cut calculator, protractor, and a level. This tool’s digital memory also stores angle measurements. This means you can refer to them later and ensure that all of your angles match perfectly.

For a high quality drill set to meet a variety of needs: The Greenworks CK24B220 24V Lithium MAX Drill Driver / Impact Driver Combo Kit

This drill kit is a great choice for repairs around the house and larger construction projects as well. This set includes a 24V drill driver, a 24V impact driver, batteries, a charger, and a bit set. This combo kit gives you the benefits of having two high quality drills in one kit. That means one purchase will cater to a variety of your needs. Recent purchasers have called it a great tool for homeowners and raved about its powerful torque but easiness to control and operate.

For 5,000 staples that you can rely on: Freeman US2238 22 Gauge 3-8 in. Upholstery Staples

Nobody wants to redo work because of low quality supplies. Choosing these Freeman staples means you’re choosing staples that will stay in your walls for as long as you want them to. If you’re looking for high quality materials for any of your upholstery needs, these staples won’t disappoint.

For quality, versatile sand paper at a great price: The Pixnor 40pcs Mouse Detail Sander Sandpaper Sanding Paper Hook Loop Assorted Pack

This sandpaper is a great choice for a variety of sanding needs. With ten sheets of 40, 80, 120, and 240 grit, it will give you a great supply of high quality product for projects large and small. This combo-pack will fit any 140mm sander and is equipped with velcro for quick fitting. This means you’ll have a reliable stock of sandpaper that’s easy to use and works for all of your projects.

Featured photo courtesy of Pixabay.com.

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