Top Five Eco-Friendly Siding Materials

Choosing the most sustainable and eco-friendly options during your remodel project is not always the easiest task. When it comes to siding materials, you need to consider how durable the material is, where it’s sourced, if it can be recycled, if it will effectively insulate and reduce energy, how long the lifespan of the material is, and also if its appearance matches your vision.

Here are four eco-friendly materials we recommend for your next siding project.


The most popular siding material, fiber-cement has the classic look of wood siding, but is much more durable and long-lasting. Sometimes referred to as “James Hardie siding” after the leading manufacturer, fiber-cement is a mixture of wood pulp and fiber cement particles and is extremely weather-resilient, energy-efficient, low-maintenance. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, and due to the longevity of the fiber-cement it can be less expensive in the long run.

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Metal siding is a great sustainable option because it’s already created from recycled materials. Aluminum and steel are some of the most recycled metals in the country, with The Steel Recycling Institution reporting that steel is the number one recycled metal in the entire world. Besides the initial installation, metal also requires little to no regular maintenance.

Trespa Pura NFC®

Trespa International believes in the importance of sustainability and minimizing environmental impact whenever possible. Trespa Pura NFC® siding is durable, low-maintenance, and has a variety of style options to fit your design aesthetic. Trespa siding is made from 70% natural fibers and a non-porous surface to protect against the elements, making it one of our favorite eco-friendly siding options.

Reclaimed Wood

Wood is an attractive and timeless siding option, and using reclaimed wood such as barn wood or bark siding avoids cutting down new trees and provides a beautiful end-product that is rich with history. Wood siding is fairly simple to repair and easy to paint and varnish according to your desired look.

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Featured Image: Overhaul on Perkins Lane: New Bevel Cedar Siding & Color Plus Hardie Planks

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