The Ultimate Camping Tool Guide

Summer is in full swing, and that means you still have time to get in a few outdoor adventures before the weather cools down. For many families across the country, that means packing up the car (or RV), and hitting the open road. From beach campsites, to lakeside setups to mountain top views, wherever you set up camp, there are a few tools crucial to your camping experience. Here are a few makes and models we recommend to make the most of your summer camping experience.

Hammer or Mallet

For hammering your tent stakes or any other camping need, hammers and mallets can make your life a whole lot easier when camping. A few great ones to try include:

Multi Tools

Finding the right balance of space taken up to functionality is crucial while camping. Multi Tools can be key to having the most tools at your disposal without taking up too much space in your bag. Some great options include:

Camp Stove

Whether you’re boiling water while backpacking or cooking for your whole family on a gas stove, having the right camp stove on your trip is crucial. Some options to look into include:

Cooking Tools

Portable and easy to clean cooking tools are also key for a great camping experience. Some of our picks include:

Maps and Apps

Since GPS technology became ubiquitous many people stopped bothering with offline navigation systems. Many camping destinations, however, are off the grid which means your usual navigation system may not have connection. Planning ahead by printing directions ahead of time and purchasing paper maps of your destination is a good idea. A few handy offline apps to have include:

  • which enables you to download offline maps of places around the world that will work even if you don’t have phone signal or internet
  • National Park Maps which have detailed navigation of parks across America
  • Many campsites and areas also have apps specific to the location, for example the Olympic National Park App which give detailed directions, Points of Interest, directions to the nearest ranger station, and more.

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