Welcome to Kyle’s Tool Belt

Hello, and welcome to Kyle’s Tool Belt! My name is Kyle Keever and I’m the founder of Synapse Construction. We’ve had a great time getting to work hands on over the last several years with some of the most fun and exciting homeowners around. While our work typically immediately fills a need for one of our clients, we’ve loved building relationships with not only homeowners, but commercial service providers as well and realized what we’ve learned, you at home might also find educational.

With that in mind, our team at Synapse Construction is proud to announce a new ongoing blog for you construction junkies, and home improvement DIY’ers out there. As we release our new in home focused content, our team is eager to empower you on your next trip into your local HomeDepot, and give you a few tips and tricks in how to not only pick the right tool for the right job, but learn more about why we choose the products we have and why we love them.

We will also be doing live Q&A via our social media channels. This means we’ll be able to better assist you folks at home on best practices to manage your home projects, obtain permits for larger scale projects, and anything else you can get creative with.
Over the next several months, this will be the place to hear from our specialists at Synapse Construction on everything. From unique product reviews, to  our favorite projects, what you should have on your tool belt at home and more, Kyle’s your guy.

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