What Siding Seattle?

So many choices for siding Seattle which one is right?

When it comes to the exterior finish of your home there are a lot of choices There are many different siding materials available that can be mixed and matched to create rich siding Seattle textures.

One thing to consider when looking at your siding in Seattle options is the architecture of the house or building Traditional cedar wood siding like shingle, board and batten, clap board siding etc tend to look better on craftsmen style buildings Manufactured products like cement board siding can work for craftsmen style architecture and also lend themselves to more contemporary modern architecture Metal siding can also be a good choice for a barn style building or to give some texture to a boxy more modern building.

Then there is vinyl siding Although it has benefits in that it is inexpensive and doesn’t require painting there are several drawbacks It tends to get very brittle in cold temperatures and can crack easily It oil cans in the heat when it expands You can not change the color with paint if you choose to do so It is also a petroleum product and probably the least environmentally friendly option.

Although nothing can replace the look of stain or clear finished hardwood siding in Seattle, if your preference is to paint, in my opinion fiber cement siding products are a great Seattle siding choice There are many shapes and sizes to choose from for you to create the perfect seattle siding look It is very durable, cost effective and attractive.

You can see some examples of these different materials in an earlier post here and in our project pictures.

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