What’s Under Your Seattle Siding?

If you were to just put Seattle siding up on your exterior sheeting alone your building would not be protected The weatherproof barrier (wrb) is an especially important component to Seattle siding in the wet Northwest.

Seattle siding has gore-tex for your house.Seattle siding

There are many types of wrb on the market these days Most people are familiar with the old Seattle siding standard of felt paper Today there are many more options and some of them are fairly high tech and similar to gore-tex clothing Each of them have their advantages, disadvantages and applications with Seattle siding.

For proper Seattle siding professional wrb installation is paramount.

The wrb will be hidden by your seattle siding but that doesn’t mean it can just be slapped up The wrb is one of the most important parts of the Seattle siding system that protects your building from the elements so it is important that it be installed correctly and with care Special care needs to be taken integrating the window openings, metal flashings and mechanical/electrical penetrations with the wrb for a proper Seattle siding installation.

Some wrb manufactures are:? Fortifiber , TyvekVaproshield

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