Issaquah Plank & Panel and Metal Siding

Seattle, WA | 2019

A young couple had bought a quite large but poorly built 1970s home, and contacted us in regard to exterior envelope and interior draft issues. They wanted an estimate for recladding the home in a contemporary Northwest style, and ultimately asked us to design a new facade for the house. We worked with the owners and produced a unique design that fit their style and design goals.

Aside from achieving an exterior they would be proud of, they also wanted to increase the performance of their exterior envelope and decrease their energy usage for maximum comfort. We were able to give them a much more robust weather-resistive barrier and air barrier that properly integrated with their new Milgard windows. The end product was a great new look for their home and a high-performance, low-maintenance exterior envelope that will benefit them for years to come.

“We have received exceptional service and results from Synapse, and have actually used them multiple times. Synapse consistently shows great value and high quality work. There is real project management and continual communication, so we felt clear at every step what was happening. Everything is well documented and they hire quality people. ”

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