Trespa & Silbonit Maintenance Solution for Woody Retreat on Lake Washington

Washington State | 2017

Owner’s problem: Improper stucco installation and the stucco is leaking. Since he bought the house, the owner has done ‘band-aid’ fixes, but knows he needs to tear it off and re-clad the house. Also, all the roof drains were run internally and there has been problems with them leaking in the walls.

Our solution: We put together a design using pre-finished composite siding materials that will effectively eliminate maintenance. We re-designed the roof slope to create new external drain lines in order to abandon the ones currently in the walls. We designed three new awnings; since two awnings were removed from the scope and the one that remains is at the entry. We designed and have provided a preliminary section detail for new pedestal paver waterproof deck systems.


“We have received exceptional service and results from Synapse, and have actually used them multiple times. Synapse consistently shows great value and high quality work. There is real project management and continual communication, so we felt clear at every step what was happening. Everything is well documented and they hire quality people. ”

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