From bay or picture windows to privacy or pocket windows, Synapse Construction provides insight and advice into the window selection and installation process. We can recommend styles, designs, and materials to best suit your home’s style and your budget, ensuring your fullest satisfaction when it comes time to sit back and admire your new investment.

Common Window Styles

Wooden – Perhaps the most traditional style of windows for the versatility of the material, wood continues to be a strong candidate for anyone looking to upgrade their windows. While wood is certainly expensive compared to other types of window materials, the material’s durability and ease of maintenance makes it a great choice for homeowners.

Aluminum – When maximizing available light is a priority, aluminum windows are an excellent choice. Aluminum can support a very thin frame around the glass itself, meaning the window’s profile will be reduced compared to natural wood or vinyl windows.

Vinyl – While their appearance won’t turn any heads, homeowners are often attracted to vinyl windows for their low cost, low maintenance performance in reducing solar heat gain and noise pollution.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass composite windows offer high performance qualities in the face of extreme heat and cold while retaining generated air indoors. A higher quality appearance compared to vinyl, fiberglass windows are routinely installed in high-end applications.

Window Configurations

Awning – Awning windows swing out from the bottom, allowing for ventilation and air circulation even during rain showers. Awning windows are often used in combination with larger picture windows so residents can enjoy both improved air flow and an excellent view.

Casement – Attached by one or more hinges, casement windows open vertically either outward or inward. Casement windows generally use cranks, levers, or cam handles to adjust the opening.

Picture – Also known as stationary windows, picture windows do not open, but provide excellent, unobstructed views of the outside world. They are often used in combination with casement or awning windows to provide function and form in a single package.

Slider – Sliding windows combine the profile of picture windows with the ability to open and adjust natural airflow throughout your home. These are best used where projecting windows would interfere with walkways, patios, decks, or doors.

Single and Double Hung – Single and double hung windows are classic appearances that come in a variety of colors and design options, but most modern versions offer advanced capabilities to make cleaning and maintenance easier.

Hopper – A great option for bathrooms, ground-level rooms, garages, attics, and basements, hopper windows open inward from the top and provide much-needed ventilation in smaller spaces.

Common Window Efficiency Features

  • Insulated Windows: Insulated windows have one or more layers of glass to add insulation between the individual panes. Utilizing either air or inert gases, these insulated models provide much improved energy efficiency performance compared to single pane windows systems.
  • Gas-filled Windows: Double and triple-pane windows commonly have a thin layer of air between the panes that help to insulate the windows, but some manufacturers provide models with argon or krypton to improve thermal resistance and insulation, therefore resulting in better energy efficiency.
  • Low-E Window Coating: Low-E windows feature a special coating on the surface of the glass that prevents heat transfer both in or out of the home in question. Low-E windows can offer energy savings between 30-50% compared to non-coated windows.

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